Revisional / Conversion Surgery

Conversion from one type of previous bariatric surgery to another or revising the same operation are options that are available for various reasons such as weight regain or complications of previous surgery. An example is when a previous bariatric operation, such as a gastric band, needs to be converted to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass due to complication, intolerance or weight regain

The decision to choose from various options is individually made after consultation with the surgeon, dietitian, clinical psychologist and review of investigations like CT scans and Barium swallow x-rays. A comprehensive assessment is done to assess the problem and various treatment options to address it will be provided.

Often this can take place 6 to 12-months after the original surgical procedure has taken place. Results will vary from patient to patient, as initial results that have not met the expectations of the patient can be attributed to lifestyle decisions rather than solely to the original procedure.

In patients who have had the Minimizer Ring with sleeve gastrectomy and are having trouble with it Mr.Gounder will be happy to assist you with looking at options to remedy it.