Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is a permanent irreversible procedure where a large portion of the stomach is removed.

A procedure where the stomach is formed into a  narrow tube and remainder of the stomach is removed.


  • Provides good quality of eating
  • 50 to 60% excess weight loss in the long run
  • 70 to 80% diabetes control
  • Continuity of gastrointestinal tract is maintained


  • if complication like a leak from staple line occurs its difficult to manage
  • Gastric sleeve dilatation over time
  • May cause reflux

This procedure permanently reduces the volume of the stomach to approximately 15% of its original size. The traditional shape of the stomach is altered by removing the curved area, resulting in a more tubular shape.

This decrease in volume causes feelings of satiety to occur after less food has been consumed by the patient.

This, coupled with some lifestyle changes, can lead to good long term weight loss.

Often this procedure is recommended for patients who are morbidly obese, with Body Mass Index’s greater than 35, (you can check your own BMI using our onsite calculator here). It can be considered for slightly less BMI if there is other severe obesity related illnesses.

Whilst this is a very effective weight loss procedure, it is also a decision that should not be taken lightly, and a consultation with Mr Siva Gounder is necessary.

This procedure is irreversible; once a portion of the stomach has been removed, it cannot be reattached.

Vertical Sleeve Surgery