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Read some concerns from past clients

I don't know if I can afford surgery?

Weight loss surgery is an investment in your health. The costs that can impact you in the long term far outweigh the costs of surgery.

However, costs should not be a deterrent, and at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery we have various payments options to help.

If you have private health insurance, then you may qualify for some rebates.

If you don’t have private health insurance, we do offer ‘Zip Money’ payment plans and even ‘SuperCare’ which allows you to use your super (ERS program) as a financing option.

To find out more about surgery fees, click HERE.

Will I just gain the weight back in 12 months time?

It is normal to see weight gain after bariatric surgery because patients still live in an obesogenic environment, and the individual’s or surgery’s ability to control all factors is limited. We aim to support patients after surgery by helping them set a new healthier environment to facilitate continued weight loss.

We provide an ‘After Care’ program to help patients make positive changes to their weight loss goal. We also offer Facebook groups where patients can talk to each other, creating a supportive environment.

If you still have more questions than answers, click HERE and check our FAQ’s page for more info.

Will my family and friends think I am cheating by getting surgery?

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss surgery isn’t “cheating”. Surgery doesn’t lose the weight for you. It doesn’t allow you to eat terribly and stay slender post-surgery. Surgery is just a tool to help you reach your goals, be it through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.
For the most part, a successful outcome might even create a ripple effect to change your family and friends’ weight and exercise habits.
If you want to talk to like-minded people that have been through surgery, click HERE and join our Facebook Group.


The thought of surgery scares me!

Surgery can be a daunting topic to consider. The first thing we would like to tell you is that you are not alone.

There are risks to surgical procedures and this often creates some anxiety or fear.

At Perth Weight Loss & Surgery we want to ensure that you have support. We have a closed Facebook group comprising of past patients who are willing to share their experience on everything that is weight loss surgery!  Click HERE and join now!