A Colonoscopy surgery, also known as a colonoscopy procedure, is a medical examination of the large bowel and part of the small bowel using a flexible telescope called a colonoscope. It is facilitated by a colonoscopy doctor / surgeon. Attached to this flexible telescope is a small camera that transmits images via lenses and fibre optic cables that connect to a monitor. These images allow surgeons consulting at the colonoscopy clinic to make better judgements and potentially diagnose any possible diseases – such as colon cancer – before they become dangerous or inoperable. These types of procedures can be performed specifically in a colonoscopy clinic or hospital.

A colonoscopy procedure is recommended if any of the following symptoms are present.

  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Blood in a stool sample
  • Pus or mucus in a stool sample
  • Unexplained abdominal pain
  • Altered bowel habits (excessive or unexplained bowel movements or recent constipation)

A colonoscopy procedure is also used to screen patients who are at risk of cancer of the colon. If these risks are identified as being present colonoscopy surgery is the recommended course of action. These risks might be due to a combination of heredity (predisposition to certain illnesses) and or diet and lifestyle choices (for example, eating too much red meat.)

Seeking an appropriate colonoscopy doctor with the relevant diagnostic experience is highly recommended. As a trusted and experienced colonoscopy doctor / surgeon, Mr Siva Gounder performs these types of procedures in his clinic, Perth Weight Loss Surgery.

Most colonoscopy’s take approximately 15-30 minutes and are performed by a colonoscopy doctor, who is typically also a colonoscopy surgeon (though this is not always the case). A sedative is provided to induce sleep so no immediate pain is felt by the patient. The camera is gently manoeuvred to the point where the large and small intestines meet and slowly withdrawn, allowing the surgeon to view the colon lining on the monitor.

Any abnormalities viewed can be further investigated by taking samples for further analysis. Polyps are removed and biopsies are sent for testing to rule out cancerous growths.

Aside from being a well-respected weight loss clinic, Perth Weight Loss Surgery is one of the most professional colonoscopy clinic Perth has to offer patients in need of expert advice and experience. As a practicing colonoscopy surgeon, Mr Gounder performs everything from a rudimentary colonoscopy surgery, to identifying any potential health risks and recommending the appropriate surgery, and performing that surgical procedure himself.

Any unnatural growths or lesions can be removed during the colonoscopy if they are less than one millimetre in diameter. These biopsies can be studied using a microscope to determine whether cancer is present in the sample. Sometimes, a polyp may take upwards of 15 years to turn cancerous, potentially requiring colon surgery to remove it.

Due to the sedatives administered prior to the camera being inserted, the patient is unaware of the colonoscopy surgery and feels no discomfort. However, during post-operation, they might experience some discomfort including:

  • Gas
  • Minor cramps in the abdominal cavity
  • A bloating sensation.

Due to the mild sedatives taken prior to the procedure, patients should not drive themselves home.

A colonoscopy procedure is safe and one that is very effective at helping doctors determine any bowel-related abdominal issues. The discomfort experienced post-operation is typically gone within a few days.

A Colonoscopy allows the appropriate surgeon within a colonoscopy clinic to examine the entire colon which can be upwards of 1.5 metres in length. A smaller examination of the ‘distal’ part of the colon is called a Sigmoidoscopy and limits the examinable area to about 600 millimetres – typically between one half and a third – of the entire colon.

This smaller version of a complete colonoscopy can be used as a screening process prior to a full colonoscopy being recommended. Examining the distal portion of the colon may be enough to identify any harmful lesions or cancerous polyps that will require further investigation.

Approximately 5% of all patients who undergo a Sigmoidoscopy are referred to a full colonoscopy procedure within a reputable colonoscopy clinic.

The latest technological advancements have allowed for virtual colonoscopy procedures which utilise both two dimensional and three-dimensional imagery to effectively and accurately reconstruct a colon from CT and MR imagery.

This renders colonoscopy surgery completely non-invasive as there is no need for any camera to be inserted. However, due to its technological infancy, its accuracy as a tool for completing diagnosis of a patient’s colon is still being investigated.

At Perth Weight Loss Surgery, a most respected colonoscopy clinic Perth has available to those seeking a colonoscopy, Mr Gounder draws on his experience and knowledge to perform colonoscopy surgery procedures for his Perth client-base regularly. Please contact him via our contact page to book a consultation if you are experiencing any of the symptoms highlighted earlier.