Osteoporosis After Weight Loss Surgery

  Weight loss surgery, or otherwise known as bariatric surgery, is a group of individual procedures designed and performed to assist patients who are struggling with obesity and failing to lose weight. Bariatric procedures range in different surgeries from gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch to gastric banding. Each procedure differs with some procedures aiming […]

Nov 12th,2018
Bone Density after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch is an increasingly common procedure utilised as a treatment for obesity. Morbidly obese individuals are at risk for metabolic bone disease due to inadequate calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency, chronic dieting behaviours, underlying diseases due to poor health, and the consistent use of medications […]

Oct 30th,2018
Vitamin D Deficiency Post Surgery

Obesity is a growing health problem within Australia, and bariatric surgery continues to have a successful affect in assisting to lower the increasingly high morbid obesity rate across the nation. The long-term effects of this procedure can lead to improved physical and psychological health. * Depending on the type of bariatric surgery the body can […]

Hair Loss after Bariatric Surgery

You may not be aware, but hair loss is a common occurrence after weight loss surgery. So, you’re excited about the weight falling off, but when your hair starts falling out, it can be very stressful.   Is this normal? It’s okay, hair loss after bariatric surgery is normal. It usually starts happening from month […]

Aug 10th,2018
Impact of Overweight and Obesity as a Risk Factor for Chronic Conditions

In an ideal world, everyone would just eat healthy food and live a very productive and long life. But the reality is that many people do the complete opposite. Many people in Australia do not pay a lot of attention to their diet. Sadly, this can have severe negative implications on overall health and well-being. […]

Aug 10th,2018
Risks of Obesity to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Using a sample analysis of just over 19 million people in 200 countries globally, a study found that more of that population sample is considered to be overweight than underweight. Western, developed countries, such as the UK, United States of America and Australia have an obesity rate greater than 50% for women who have yet […]

Aug 10th,2018
Dumping Syndrome

What is dumping syndrome? This is a set of symptoms that can develop after gastric (stomach) surgery due to rapid delivery of nutrients to the small bowel. It can happen after many gastric operations such as fundoplication, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or SADI/SIPS procedure. The incidence varies based on type of operation and how accurately […]

Aug 10th,2018
Reflux After Bariatric Surgery

Reflux after bariatric surgery 1) Do you struggle from reflux after a bariatric surgery? Certain procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band can lead to reflux. Reflux can manifest in different ways including heartburn, food regurgitation, nocturnal cough and abdominal pain. Up to 20% of patients will develop reflux after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There […]

Aug 10th,2018
What Is The Best Weight Loss Surgery Option For You?

There are many options for patients to decide that weight loss surgery is the best option for them to take control of their obesity. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, has been around for more than 40 years and has shown to be extremely effective at not only helping patients lose the initial excess weight, […]

Aug 10th,2018
Surgical Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes

Metabolic surgery is now one of the recommended treatment options for those suffering from type 2 diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association. The experimental evidence for Gastrointestinal surgery as a treatment for type 2 diabetes has been growing steadily over the last 15 years and continues to show promising results since this type of […]

Aug 10th,2018