Revisional / Conversion Bariatric Surgery Perth

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Revisional bariatric surgery is a procedure completed on patients who have already received a bariatric treatment previously and are thus undergoing revisional surgery to either alter the type of weight loss surgery – from a reversible procedure such as a Lap Band to a non-reversible procedure like a gastric sleeve

The reasons for undergoing a revisional procedure can be dictated by many factors such as weight regain or complications of previous surgery. Typically a patient will return to the same bariatric surgeon with whom they underwent their first procedure, but this is not necessary. What is most important is that the surgeon who is conducting the bariatric revision understands the requirements of the individual and conducts the surgery with care.

A revisional bariatric surgery is a decision that, like the initial procedure, should not be undertaken lightly. Various factors need to be considered including type of previous operation, reflux symtoms or complications, presence of hiatus hernia, previous bowel surgery etc. This will be looked into in detail by Mr.Gounder who regularly performs these revisional operations with very good results.

If patients have regained weight due to lifestyle reasons then they can avail the full support of the surgeon, dietitians and clinical psychologist to ensure success this time around.


The decision to choose from these various options is individually made after consultation with the surgeon, dietitian, clinical psychologist and review of investigations like CT scans and Barium swallow x-rays.

A comprehensive assessment is done to assess the problem and various treatment options to address it will be provided.

Often this can take place 6 to 12-months after the original surgical procedure has been completed. Results will vary from patient to patient, as initial results that have not met the expectations of the patient can be attributed to lifestyle decisions rather than solely to the original procedure.

In patients who are having trouble with the results of their sleeve gastrectomy, Mr Gounder will be happy to assist you with looking at remedy options.