Choosing the right bariatric surgery requires careful thought and consideration. Make your decision after all weight loss surgery options have been considered. Consultation with Mr Gounder and undergoing the prerequisite tests are necessary to confirm your eligibility for bariatric surgery. You will also need to learn about your weight loss surgery insurance coverage and financing options.

Seeking support and information will help you decide the best course of action. Here at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery, Mr Gounder is happy to help you with your decision.

Surgeries we perform are:

Lap Band – A procedure where a silicone band is inserted around the upper end of the stomach to restrict food intake. The rest of the digestive system is not altered.

Gastric Bypass – In this procedure the stomach is divided to create a small pouch for restricting food intake. The small intestine is also altered to produce malabsorption of food.

Gastric Sleeve – In this procedure, the left side of the stomach is removed to create a smaller stomach. The intestines are not altered.

SIPS Procedure – In this procedure a sleeve gastrectomy is performed along with surgery to reroute the small intestine.