Weight Loss Surgery

An illustration of SASI-S Surgery in Perth

Single Anastomosis Stomach-Ileal Bypass (or SASI-S Bypass) is a combination of a sleeve gastrectomy and an intestinal bypass.

revision bariatric surgery graphic

Revisional bariatric surgery is a procedure completed on patients who have already received a bariatric treatment previously and are thus undergoing revisional surgery to either alter the type of weight loss surgery

An illustration of SIPS Surgery and SADI-S Procedure in Perth

Single anastomosis duodeno-ileal switch (SADI-S) or Stomach Intestine Sparing Surgery – known as SIPS for short – is a procedure that involves a sleeve gastrectomy being performed along with surgery to reroute the small intestine.

Illustration of the liver and stomach depicting gastric sleeve surgery, performed in Perth

Gastric Sleeve surgery, or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a keyhole surgery where a large portion of the stomach is removed. A bariatric surgeon forms part of the stomach into a ‘narrow tube’ (or sleeve), and remainder of the stomach is removed.

An illustration for gastric bypass surgery in Perth

Gastric bypass surgery has been tried and tested for over 40 years. It’s a procedure where the stomach is partitioned to a smaller size and small bowel is re-routed to this new gastric pouch.  In the banded gastric bypass a fixed silastic ring is placed around the gastric pouch.

Lap Band Surgery Perth

A few years ago, Lap band surgery was the most common bariatric operation performed in Australia. It has gradually declined in use due to high long-term revision surgery and complication rates.