We are Open – Start Your Weight Loss Journey Now

21 March 2022

The many measures and closures caused by the WA Covid-19 pandemic can be confusing, limiting and cause people to cancel their plans, sometimes unnecessarily.


At Perth Weight Loss and Surgery, we are still open for consultations! We would love people to continue to book in and keep their appointments, as we keep our doors open.


We are maintaining all appropriate Covid-19 safety measures and protocols to ensure our staff and patients are kept as safe as possible.


If you have decided weight loss is now your action plan, it’s best to capitalise on that motivation now. Come in to see us and we can help shape that pathway and keep the momentum going, despite the pandemic.


The situation as it stands today, elective surgeries are still ongoing in WA hospitals. The Health Minister’s most recent announcement on this matter (February 14) stated:

  • The two-month scale down on elective surgeries is now planned to start from March 14 at WA public hospitals and March 21 for private hospitals.
  • No change to Category 1 bookings
  • Agile and planned approach to managing elective surgery and capacity at WA hospitals


This means, we are still scheduling surgery around the agile adjustments. In the event a procedure has to be delayed or postponed, we will work with clients to revise plans to aim for the new surgery date.


Quite often, surgery is not an immediate action following an initial consultation, there is often much preparation prior to setting a surgery date. A consultation is your first step to achieving your health goal and weight loss. We have experts available today to help get you started.


The restrictions and pandemic mitigation measures are only temporary, as we have seen in other states and parts of the world, we will eventually return to normal. In the meantime, there’s no reason starting your weight loss journey needs to wait!


To book your consultation either in person or via Telehealth with Dr Siva Gounder and to find out about our in-practice Covid-19 safety measures, contact us today.

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