What’s Stopping You? Don’t Let the Cost of Weight Loss Surgery Keep You From a Healthy Future!

14 December 2021

Many people put off weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, and move towards a healthier future due to misperceptions about the cost.

If you’ve ever had the thought: “I’m ready for weight loss surgery, but I simply can’t afford it at the moment”, then this blog is for you.

How much does weight loss surgery cost?

The cost of weight loss surgery varies depending on the type of surgery you get, the hospital you choose and the type of insurance you have. Perth Weight Loss and Surgery works with St John of God Midland Hospital and Hollywood Private Hospital. We perform the following surgeries:

All of the pricing details for these surgeries are available on our website here.

To learn which surgery is suited to your needs, book a consultation with resident bariatric surgeon Mr Siva Gounder.

Private Health Insurance:

Having weight loss surgery with adequate private health insurance is the preferred method. The private health insurance will cover most of the cost of surgery and your out of pocket costs will be between three to four thousand dollars on average. It can be more than 5 times the amount for uninsured patients.



The thought of having weight loss surgery should bring a feeling of positivity as you look forward to a healthier version of yourself – not anxiety about your finances.

Did you know you could use money from your superannuation account to pay for weight loss surgery?  You can also access your partner’s superannuation for bariatric and medical procedures if required. Your superannuation is the money you have put aside to help you secure your future.  Any decision to use superannuation for surgery needs to be carefully considered with your financial adviser.

Perth Weight Loss and Surgery partners with SuperCare, an external service provider that assists you in applying for the Australian Government’s Early Release of Super (ERS) program. Learn more about early access to your super at the Australian Taxation Office website. 

SuperCare helps you secure funding from your superannuation for the following surgeries:

SuperCare is the only company in Australia that organises super access applications and offers experience and extensive knowledge of the process. SuperCare is always professional and efficient, and Perth Weight Loss and Surgery are happy to recommend our clients seek their guidance to help remove the financial stress of weight loss surgery.

Watch this short SuperCare video on our website to learn more.


Weight loss surgery may seem like an expensive endeavour but it is hard to place a monetary value on your health.

Contact Perth Weight Loss and Surgery to find out more about weight loss surgery and book a consultation with Mr Siva Gounder.

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