Why Positive Thinking Can Help Your Weight Loss Journey

14 March 2019

Your weight loss journey is individual to you and it’s important that you make this exciting lifestyle change at a pace which prepares you for long term success.

Whether you have recently undergone weight loss surgery or are about to, the power of positive thinking can be more beneficial than you think.

Like for any surgery most surgeons agree if the patient is in a good place emotionally, the process proves to be easier and far more seamless.

There are many benefits to thinking this way.

  1. Think of the future – by thinking positively about the future, you can picture what it will be like for you once you have completed your weight loss surgery and reached your goal weight. Envision your new life when you are making the decision to undergo surgery for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.
  2. See the positive in every day – during weight loss or recovery from any surgery, there are good days and bad. It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed or uncertain of what lies ahead, but if you celebrate the small wins that will help you immensely. It could be that you managed to walk for five minutes longer one day, you found a new healthy recipe or you notice your clothes feeling slightly looser. Celebrate these wins and yourself for taking charge of your health.
  3. Use affirmations – positive affirmations can be a very useful tool when you need a little bit of reassurance that you are doing your best. Try taking some quiet time to yourself and repeating affirmations such as ‘I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my future self’, ‘I believe in myself and acknowledge my power’ or ‘I let go of any guilt from my past’.

The mind is a powerful thing and can truly transform how you feel, physically and mentally. If you are considering undergoing weight loss surgery, why not speak with Mr Gounder and the Perth Weight Loss and Surgery team to find out what options exist for you.


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