Advantages of Body Composition Analysers

04 July 2022

Body composition scanners and analysers are becoming a talked-about, modern tool to determine health and associated risk factors.

As in all fields, humanity is evolving and growing. We are discovering more detail and accuracy in an infinite number of scientific fields. Health is one of those.

Where we once relied on Body Mass Index (BMI), we are now discovering something superior. Body composition.


The BMI Myth

The BMI formula takes weight and height and creates a number with associated scale of underweight, to healthy weight, to high-risk obesity.

When this was our only tool, it was useful, but we’re now discovering it’s limitations, as it doesn’t take into account factors such as: genetics, physical fitness, muscle mass, distribution of excess weight on the body, bone density or weight fluctuations.

According to BMI, someone who has a low body fat percentage, good muscle mass, strong fitness could be considered ‘obese’.


Body Composition

Body composition looks at more than just weight and height, it analyses many components that contribute to your body make up and health risk.

Body water, fat, bone and muscle mass are measured and considered in relation to age and gender.

This offers much deeper insight and will help determine visceral fat, muscle mass and quality, metabolic age, physique rating, metabolic rate and more.

This in turn offers a much more targeted and helpful indication of therapies and actions to improve health in each unique person.

Body composition scales and 3D body scanning now offer this technology in our health practices and homes. These scales send a safe, low level electrical current through the body at varying speeds to determine body water, fat, bone and muscle.


If you would like to know more about your body composition and get comprehensive, expert advice, get in touch with us today!

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