Bariatric Surgery in SJG Midland Private Hospital

10 August 2018

Bariatric Surgery in SJG Midland Private Hospital

Obesity is classified as a disease by the World Health Organisation. 63% of the Australian population is overweight according to 2014-15 data. 28% were deemed to be obese. That means one third of our population is affected by obesity, and almost two-thirds are overweight.

Being overweight or obese is not just about how you look. It represents a significant increase in the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (including heart disease and stroke), type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and some cancers. Your mortality risk also increases progressively as your weight increases.

The chances of patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 and above naturally losing weight and actually keeping that weight off through diet and exercise is less than 1% (based on population-based research)

Surgery for treating obesity is a well-established method for combating weight problems.  With more than 40 years of history behind it, and thousands of patients treated globally, the evidence for it as an effective weight-management tool are undeniable. The current treatment methods like gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are safe and effective options.

With minimal pain and a ‘quick return to work’ aspect to them, these types of surgeries are now performed via keyhole and the average hospital stay is two nights with less than 3% chance of major complications occurring.

These operations produce good long-term weight loss results, and, in combination with lifestyle changes are highly effective at helping overweight individuals maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity-linked diseases like type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea and hypertension are seen in a large number of patients, and these risks are significantly mitigated through effective weight loss procedures.

Bariatric surgery performed by myself with support of specialised dietitians, clinical psychologists and anaesthetists is now available in SJG Midland Private Hospital.

The hospital is well equipped to support these operations with state of the art operating theatres, endoscopy suites, private rooms and ICU. Patients can be seen within a few weeks and surgery organised if deemed appropriate within three to six weeks.

Patients will be managed by myself from the word go to discharge and subsequent follow-ups and can be assured of high standard of care.

Please contact me for further information.


To your good health;


– Mr. Siva Gounder.


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