Benefits of Losing Weight: Gain Life

23 May 2023

The benefits of losing weight loss go well beyond physical appearance; weight loss means gaining life!


Our experience in helping patients achieve health freedom has shown us the benefits of losing weight are life changing.


Here are some of the more common changes you can expect in achieving a healthy weight and lifestyle.


Sleep and Energy


Sleep problems,  sleep apnoea and a low energy loop are synonymous with excess weight – one exacerbates the other in a difficult cycle.


Which is why research is showing that losing as little as 5% of your body weight can improve sleep and snoring, so everyone gets a better night’s rest!



Mood Boost


The benefits of losing weight as well as the stress relief achieved through a healthier lifestyle mean you will generate a better mood with more patience, energy and positive outlook on life!


Exercise means more endorphins; better rest means more energy and freedom from pain and health problems can reframe your perspectives.


An added mental health bonus is the improvement to memory, which sharpens when bodyweight reduces.



Hormone Balance


Hormones play a huge roll in our bodies throughout our changing lives, and excess weight can affect their balance which impacts every aspect of our being, from mental health to appetite, sex drive and performance, energy levels, muscle strength, metabolism and more.


Balancing your weight, means balancing your hormones for improved wellbeing.



Stronger Immunity


The best way to boost your immunity is by living a healthy life and fuelling your body with vitamins and minerals available in fresh food.


As you get stronger, so does your immune system in fighting off coughs colds and other ailments, as well as the surprising effect of relieving allergy symptoms.





Do more, rely less on medications and relieve joint aches and pains; with less weight the greater the freedom to move further, more often and experience things you haven’t been able to do.


As your lifestyle improves, you may be able to start cutting back on the medications you’ve relied on as your health takes over the job.


Joint pain and problems can be caused, and worsened by, carrying excess weight, so by reducing the load on the joints, they can recover and be free from pain.



Self-Confidence and Strength


How you look, how you feel about how you look, how strong and fit you are and feel, as well as your confidence in making healthy choices will get easier and greater!


As you lose weight, you’ll find a growing respect for yourself and your body, which in turn gives you a new perspective on others, and others a new perspective on you!



Complexion Glow

With a healthier diet and exercise, your body can be nourished and detoxify, and when inner health is achieved, it’s reflected on the outside with healthier skin, nails and hair.


Food Renewal


Your diet will begin to change with healthy eating habits, which broadens your horizons and gives you exciting new flavours to explore and enjoy.


You may also become a better cook, as you learn new techniques and expand your food preparation, knowledge and education.



Wardrobe Options


One of the spin-off advantages of losing weight is gaining wardrobe choices! As your size drops, you’ll find more fashion savvy outfits fit with ease and your confidence to wear them increases.



Social Life and Adventure


As you get out and about more, you open your social circles, as you pursue new activities, go to new places and connect with like-minded people. You’ll also have more energy and confidence to say ‘yes’ to more social opportunities.


Freedom to move, self-confidence and social life expansion give you all the makings of new adventures and possibilities!



Live again!


Research has shown that people who lose excess weight live longer, healthier lives with less risk of health complications. Now that’s something worth aspiring to!



If you’re ready to talk to WA’s most trusted weight loss team and start your life changing journey, contact us today to make an appointment.


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