Can You Gain Weight After A Gastric Sleeve? 

19 March 2021
A measuring tape on a white surface, used for weight loss surgery.

Often, many people who are considering weight loss surgery, may be wondering, is it worth it? It’s normal to have these questions and concerns – the possibility of deciding which surgery is right for you can feel overwhelming.

One of the procedures that Dr. Siva Gounder offers is gastric sleeve surgery.

This treatment involves the removal of roughly ¾ of the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that you can consume as well as reducing your appetite, but often the question arises, can you gain weight after the surgery?


What is involved in the surgery? 

A laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is an irreversible procedure where Dr.Gounder will make small keyhole incisions in the abdomen. He will then form part of the stomach into a ‘narrow tube’ (or sleeve) and the remainder of the stomach is then removed.


What are the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery? 

The surgery is laparoscopic which means it is minimally invasive, and scaring will be minimal. Recovery following this type of surgery is quick, most patients only require 1-2 nights in hospital. Provided post-surgery recommendations are followed, patients will lose 60-70% off excess weight, most of them within the first year.


Is gastric sleeve surgery right for me? 

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are morbidly obese, with a Body Mass Index greater than 35 (you can check your own BMI using our onsite calculator here). This procedure can be considered for a slightly lower BMI if there are other severe obesity-related illnesses.


Can you gain weight after the procedure?

When it comes to weight loss surgery, you must commit to a healthy lifestyle for the sake of both your recovery and to make healthy, steady weight loss possible. It is possible to regain weight, although most patients find that the combination of reduced appetite, a balanced eating plan, and an exercise plan all help them achieve and maintain healthy and stable body weight over time. With expert dietitians, a psychologist, and surgeon aftercare we will help you make your surgery a success.

Perth Weight Loss and Surgery are committed to performing such gastric procedures with the care and thoroughness required. Our goal is to provide the best gastric sleeve surgery Perth can offer its residents who are struggling with obesity. If you have questions about the procedure and would like to arrange a consultation with Dr.Gounder, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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