Follow Up After Weight Loss Surgery

11 April 2022

You have taken a significant leap on your weight loss journey; you have courageously committed to and completed surgery, which is a huge milestone to acknowledge.

Now comes the next phase: the follow-up. You may have noticed changes in your body, habits and lifestyle. Some of those will come naturally and fit into place, others may be confusing and harder to integrate into your life.

The importance of a follow-up appointment cannot be underestimated. After you have settled back into your routine, it’s crucial to make sure your body has healed, you are recovering well and your body is functioning as it should be.

Navigating post-surgery change is difficult on your own, follow up appointments give you invaluable advice, accountability, support and encouragement.

Expert Advice

PWLS have experts at your disposal, to share their experience of helping thousands of patients from initial consultation to life-long weight loss.

We know exactly how the type of surgery you’ve had will influence your future eating habits and how to maximise surgery benefits through appropriate nutrition, exercise, fluid intake and vitamins for optimal health.


Follow up appointments give you the safety net of accountability. Having someone to talk to, report back to and help you refine your plans is proven to give people the motivation to stay the course and reach goals. Follow up appointments and meeting with our surgeon, dietitians, exercise physiologist and psychologist are your way to keep on track.

Support and Encouragement

With expert advice comes support for your progress and encouragement to make positive changes last. The benefits of follow up appointment include having someone to turn to who will reserve all judgement, keep your information confidential and have the knowledge to help you solve your problems.

Whether you’ve just recovered from surgery or have faltered further along the way, Perth Weight Loss and Surgery is here to support you – wherever you are on your journey, we want to walk it with you.

Get in contact with Mr. Siva Gounder to book your follow-up appointment today.

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