Can I Love My Body and Still Want to Change My BMI?

19 December 2022


“If I’m considering weight loss surgeries, am I still body positive?”

While our natural body form is always something to celebrate, our health, reflected in our weight as well as many other aspects of our physical appearance, are things we can change and improve to better our entire wellbeing.

The simple answer is yes! Love of your body is love of your health.

But this is a sentiment often confused in an appearance driven world where airbrushed and altered images distort the reality of body image.


The source of our motivation is up to us

A desire to lose weight or make healthy changes that will transform your physical appearance – is all about perspective. We can choose a perspective based on inadequacy and comparison to others; or, we can choose to focus on the health of our body and prioritise our wellbeing.

Even though there may be a part of you that judges your appearance, or simply doesn’t care about it at all, we must question that ‘inner critic’ and remind ourselves we are worthy of appreciation and to see our own inner beauty.

When you switch focus from appearance to health, you’re acknowledging you are worth more.


Your point of view will affect your results

When you start from a place of pain, negativity and anguish, it sticks. Like mud. It’s hard to wash off and will make mess of your progress and motivation. When you shame and punish yourself into weight loss, it’s an unhappy journey which doesn’t give you full strength to see you through to optimal results.

A journey focused on appearance alone is measured by how you look, clothes that fit or don’t, numbers on the scales. Goals are largely unattainable – “when I weight X kg I’ll be beautiful” – a myth that misaligns weight with your opinion of yourself.

When driven by health improvement, the next step is always within reach, it’s a continuum of improvement, whether it be in small incremental advances, or big leaps and bounds. There’s no judgement or sense of ‘failing’ to become something, because it’s a lifestyle. A new way of being. A quest to regain freedom.

If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey or have any questions. Contact us today

It’s our mission to help you regain freedom and life healthier, happier, longer.

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