Weight Loss Surgery

A family joyfully runs on the beach at sunset, their silhouettes against the vibrant sky.

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be both empowering and daunting. For many individuals, it’s a path riddled with frustrations and obstacles that can leave them feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. In this blog, we’ll explore the common challenges faced by those struggling with weight loss and provide insights on how to overcome them to […]

A woman in a lab coat pointing at a computer screen displaying bariatric treatments for weight loss.

In a society where most people struggle with weight challenge, ranging from being slightly overweight to morbidly obese, new hope is emerging on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) horizon.   The hotly contested AI realm is unveiling its potential as a supportive ally in an individual’s health journey, promising an empathetic and nuanced approach to weight management.  […]

I need weight loss surgery but can't afford it

Perth Weight Loss and Surgery have introduced new ways to make bariatric surgery costs more realistic and feasible, offering a new opportunity to put your health first, and relieve the financial burden. NEW Total Lifestyle Credit TLC is a specialist third-party lender, helping patients finance medical costs, including bariatric surgery, with payment solutions for procedures […]

weight loss medication

Perth Weight Loss and Surgery Head Surgeon Mr Siva Gounder has voiced concerns for people considering weight loss injection or weight loss medication as a silver bullet solution to shedding excess fat. Weight loss pills and injectables can have unanticipated impact on people’s lives and are far from being a long-term solo solution, as most […]

Illustration of the food police symbolizing government regulation on food and drug safety, related to weight loss surgery.

Everyone has their own opinions on diets, exercise routines, weight loss surgery and healthy habits in general. For example, we’ve all had that friend who refuses to take something as simple as an anti-inflammatory because they don’t like putting ‘chemicals’ into their body, but then they also smoke cigarettes. The same type of contradictory, hypocritical […]

emotional eating

Our eating habits are inherently linked to our moods and emotions. For example, we eat when celebrating and when grieving. However, relying on food to help relieve stress or lift a low mood can lead to emotional eating and unhealthy eating patterns. After undergoing weight loss surgery, it is essential to maintain healthy eating habits […]

sleep and weight loss

If you’ve been tossing and turning, finding it hard to sleep, waking up feeling tired, it could be linked to your weight. And if you’re finding it hard to lose weight, it could be linked to the quality of your sleep. Increasingly, research is finding a ‘Catch 22’ link between weight and sleep. Effects of […]

A woman celebrating her success after weight loss surgery, raising her arms in triumph.

Timing is critical when beginning a weight loss journey with bariatric surgery. Before beginning, you need to feel motivated to lose weight and ready to follow the instruction given by your doctors. Motivation comes from many different places – family, friends or life events. Whatever your goal, the important thing is that motivation comes from […]

Image of a person undergoing weight loss surgery in a hospital operating room.

Many social events and traditions during the holiday season revolve around food. Nearly all religions see the importance of gathering together and having a celebratory feast, and as a result, it has become an important element of our culture during this period. However, this can be tricky to navigate when you are on a weight […]