Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

18 May 2022

Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

For many women, when considering bariatric surgery, the question pops up: can I have a baby after weight loss surgery?

Doctors across Australia confirm that the answer is yes.


Is it safe to get pregnant after bariatric surgery?

It is completely safe to have a baby after all common bariatric surgeries, including:

In many cases, it’s actually safer to get pregnant after a successful bariatric surgery. More complications are associated with obesity and pregnancy than with weight loss surgery.


How long after weight loss surgery should I wait before getting pregnant?

It is essential to wait until you are fully recovered from weight loss surgery before getting pregnant.

After bariatric surgery, your body goes through many rapid changes, and you need time to focus on your diet and exercise.

Therefore, experts recommend that you wait until your weight stabilises before having a baby. Studies suggest the ideal waiting period is between 12-24 months after weight loss surgery. Consult with your doctor on the best timeline for you.


Weight Loss Surgery Can Boost Fertility

Weight loss surgery can help women and men with fertility.

The weight loss that results from bariatric surgery helps men increase testosterone and balance hormones to improve sperm health.

For women, significant weight loss also helps to balance fertility hormones and provides relief for issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. (PCOS)

Women may stop ovulating due to obesity-related issues. After weight loss surgery, the majority of women begin ovulating normally again. In a recent study, 71% of women who weren’t ovulating before weight loss surgery started again just a few months after.


Learn More at Perth Weight Loss Surgery

For further information regarding weight loss surgery and fertility, book a consultation with Dr Siva Gounder. 

Or, watch our webinar on pregnancy after weight loss surgery.

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