The Importance of Psychological Support After Bariatric Surgery

15 February 2021


In deciding to have bariatric surgery, you are making a commitment to your health. However, bariatric surgery plays a role in not only your physical health but also your mental wellbeing.

Many major studies, such as this one, have found that people who have undergone weight loss surgery have reported mental health gains. The majority find that after the surgery and the resultant weight loss, they feel more positively about themselves and their future prospects. They may find they feel closer to their partner, have more energy to give to their children, or feel more motivated in the workplace.

Studies have shown that bariatric surgery’s positive effects on mental health are much more likely to occur if the patient has a stable physical and psychological support system after the surgery, made up of both loved ones and health care staff.

In turn, if the patient is feeling mentally healthy, they are more likely to have positive weight loss outcomes. The physical and mental health work together in a loop; as one improves, so does the other.


However, the effect that weight loss surgery can have on self-esteem, self-concept, and body image can be complicated. Even if you feel positive after your surgery, the procedure’s impact may not be meeting your expectations. Even if you are losing weight in a very healthy way, your body may not look how you had thought it would. You may experience some anxiety if you are unsure if you are losing the right amount of weight over the correct period of time. You may be too hard on yourself or find it difficult to follow the instructions of your doctors. A strong support system can be a game-changer if these concerns arise.

For this reason, Perth Weight Loss & Surgery has identified the importance of connecting people that are going through the same experience and building a support network.


Support Groups at Perth Weight Loss & Surgery

Perth Weight Loss & Surgery is implementing a new, holistic service for our patients as a part of our post-operative care.

Our practice will run support sessions in groups of 4 to 5 patients, with our experienced psychologist Dr. Elliot and his team.

These sessions allow you to meet people that are going through similar experiences as you. They create a space for you to talk about your hopes and fears, ask the silly questions that you mightn’t ask your surgeon, and potentially help each other find motivation in your respective weight loss journeys.

These sessions will start as of March.

With the right support, bariatric surgery can be a turning point in your life. To learn more about the psychological effect of weight loss surgery or to make any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to give the practice a call on 08 6155 8822.

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