Vitamin D Levels Post-Surgery

27 June 2022

Weight loss surgery is a successful, long-term solution for improving health for people who are overweight or clinically obese. But, the important part of the journey goes well beyond the surgery itself.

Post-surgery, your nutrition is vital as the effects of the procedure changes the way your body absorbs and processes nutrients, including one key vitamin. Vitamin D.


What is Vitamin D?

The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ is crucial to our wellbeing. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin which helps the body absorb and retain calcium (for bone health) and phosphorus (for bone and kidney health) as well as wide-reaching organ importance.

Laboratory studies have also shown Vitamin D to be able to control cancer cell growth, infections and reduce inflammation.

We source Vitamin D from the sun, our diet as well as being a hormone our body produces, but the best way to boost Vitamin D is through supplementation, because we cover up to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of the sun and there are limited foods with high levels of Vitamin D.


How is Vitamin D affected by weight loss surgery?

After bariatric surgery, your nutrition and vitamin intake will need careful monitoring. In particular, surgeries which affect fat absorption, such as weight loss procedures, as well as some types of medication will affect your Vitamin D levels.

Surgery alone could impact your Vitamin D levels by up to 50 per cent.


How to manage Vitamin D post-surgery

The best way to manage your Vitamin D levels is to have a test to measure your levels, and stay in close contact with your consulting team which should include diet and nutrition advice.

Post-bariatric surgery, daily vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken permanently. This is likely to be captured within a bariatric multivitamin.

In relation to Vitamin D, a general guide is taking 3,000 IU every day, which may be part of a multivitamin or supplemented separately.


Nutritional support and advice are crucial after weight loss surgery – Perth Weight Loss and Surgery has a multidisciplinary team committed to your entire journey and will be with you every step of the way, for life long wellbeing.

For comprehensive, expert advice, get in touch to book a consultation with Dr Siva Gounder today.

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