How can Weight Loss Surgery be Life-Saving for Overweight People?

13 July 2020

Weight loss surgery has been considered to be the most effective option for patients suffering from obesity and obesity-related diseases – such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. Bariatric surgery is an option for those who have a BMI over 40 or more than 35 with comorbidities, such as diabetes, high cholesterol or sleep apnoea.

What often holds patients back?

For most people, the fear of not knowing what to expect along with the misconceptions around bariatric surgery is a setback. They are unsure of what to expect before and after the surgery, potential complications during or after surgery, whether the weight will stay off, how long it will take to lose weight, and what to eat – the questions can be endless.

These fears should not hold anyone back, as the risk of NOT having the surgery can further increase the risk of death due to obesity-related illnesses.

Will the surgery help me in the long run?

Weight loss surgery can help you change your life in many ways. Simple tasks which you struggled with before will come with ease.

Weight loss averages 65%  to 90% of the excess weight being lost and maintained in the long run for most people depending on the type of surgery like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or SADI-S etc.

The weight will stay off if you exercise regularly, and are mindful of what you eat.

What are the payment plan options?

At Perth Weight Loss and Surgery, we want the best for you; this means offering payment plans to provide a solution for all patients.

We offer Zip Money, where you can pay in affordable, interest-free instalments. Alternatively to this, we offer  Supercare, which is an external service provider assisting individuals and family members in applying for the Government’s Early Release of Super (ERS) programme. These can be further explained in your consult with Dr Siva Gounder, which you can book online here.


Overall, If you have used our BMI calculator and your result is above 35, then you should consider weight reduction surgery to reduce your health risks, and increase the possibilities of living a healthier, longer life.


If you still have more questions than answers, book a bulk-billed first appointment with Perth Weight Loss and Surgery; Dr Siva Gounder will answer all of your questions in your initial consult, and his team of professionals will support you during your whole journey at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery.


Change your world today, for more information or to book a weight loss surgery consultation, contact Perth Weight Loss Surgery on 08 6155 8822.

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