5 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

20 June 2019
5 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has become widely accepted as one of the best treatments for weight-loss and type 2 diabetes. However, from time to time, some misconceptions spread faster and more extensively than the truth; which can cause people suffering from obesity to have second thoughts and, unfortunately, avoid these types of treatments altogether.

In today’ society where information come from anywhere and the growing of harmful misinformation influences thousands of people around the world it is part of our mission at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery to educate our patients and correct the common misconception related to bariatric surgery.

For this reason, we put together five common misconceptions about bariatric surgery and the truth behind them.

1: Bariatric Surgery is Just One Procedure

Bariatric surgery does not refer to one single procedure. There are a few different surgical treatments that make up the bariatric surgery category, each one slightly varying from the other. Procedures such as gastric banding, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and SIPS surgery are a few options that come under the bariatric banner. Some options are reversible, others are non-reversible, and the wide range of possible excess weight loss for each treatment range from 40% to almost 80%.

2: You will need Plastic Surgery in the Aftermath

It is a common myth that it is necessary to undergo plastic surgery after bariatric surgery. Although around 50% of bariatric surgery patients will indeed need plastic surgery treatments such as skin-removal surgery, it is a misconception to say that every patient needs plastic surgery. Moreover, almost none of the plastic surgery issues are for covering scaring.

3: Bariatric Surgery is Dangerous

Some people may criticise it by saying that bariatric surgery is dangerous.

Indeed, risks should always be considered when you receive surgical treatments, but mortality rates for bariatric surgery have shown to be dramatically reduced by 89% in new studies. The dangers, when compared to those who struggle with obesity, are minimal. Bariatric surgery is nowhere near as dangerous as some people will have you think. Our support program gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they will have support from the beginning to the end of their treatment.

4: You Can’t Get Pregnant after Bariatric Surgery

One of the most alarming and long-held misconceptions regarding bariatric surgery is that you cannot get pregnant afterwards, which is simply not true. Getting pregnant is nothing to do with weight-loss. Perth is a great place to start a family, so do not let this myth affect your family planning for the future.

5: Bariatric Surgery is an Easy Way Out

Some people think that bariatric surgery is the easy way out in terms of weight loss. That is a very insensitive and uninformed way of viewing bariatric surgery. Anyone who thinks bariatric surgery is the easy way has missed the point. Some procedures can take from 4 to 6 months to complete and require many assessments and appointments with all manner of medical professionals.

Bariatric surgery is far from the easy way out.

If you are considering bariatric treatments and want to find out more details in regards to weight loss surgery costs, contact Perth Weight Loss and Surgery to learn more and to receive a complimentary consultation.


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