Maintaining Your Weight in the Festive Season

23 November 2021
Image of a person undergoing weight loss surgery in a hospital operating room.

Many social events and traditions during the holiday season revolve around food. Nearly all religions see the importance of gathering together and having a celebratory feast, and as a result, it has become an important element of our culture during this period.

However, this can be tricky to navigate when you are on a weight loss journey. Especially after you’ve weight loss surgery, you must stick to a specific diet.

We recommend ticking off these three things every day to help you stay on track during the holidays and maintain your weight. No matter what your day is looking like, whether you have several festive events or are just planning to lie on the beach and read your book – try to achieve these three things, and maintaining your weight will become much more manageable.



Move your body every day.

Even if you can’t do your regular exercise routine because you are on holiday, try to participate in activities that get you active, like hiking, beach cricket or snorkelling. 

Luckily for us Australians, the holiday season is a lovely time of year for getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Get your loved ones together or take some time to yourself (sometimes this is much needed in the holiday season when the family is around 24/7) and go on a long walk.

Whatever you choose to do, move your body for at least 30-60 minutes every day, and this should keep you on track.



 Connect with your support system and connect with yourself.

You are much more likely to find success in your weight loss journey if you feel emotionally supported and mentally strong. Therefore, it’s essential to reach out to your loved ones and the Perth Weight Loss and Surgery support team if you are struggling.

Also, check-in with yourself daily and think about how you are feeling. If the busy schedule of festive events is too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and take care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you!



No matter the event or busy schedule, be consistent with your healthy habits and portion sizes.

Often the reason we get thrown off track during the festive season is because we are unable to be consistent with our healthy behaviours because of a busy holiday schedule.

Try and be consistent with your healthy meals throughout the day, and avoid snacking on the sweet treats that are often lying around in the holiday season. If you make sure to stock your fridge with healthy foods consistently and have healthy options readily available, you’ll find it easier to avoid unhealthy snacking.

Also, be consistent with your portion sizes when you aren’t eating at home. When you are at a party or other holiday event, make sure to stick to the portion sizes appropriate for your needs.


Seek Support from Perth Weight Loss and Surgery

We know for some, maintaining your weight over the holidays isn’t always this simple. Therefore, Perth Weight Loss and Surgery has an experienced team in place to provide support after your bariatric surgery. Please do not hesitate to reach out to chat with your doctor, dietician, or psychologist about any concerns you may have as we enter the festive season.


Simply give us a call on 08 6155 8822.


Happy Holidays Everybody!

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