Reflux After Bariatric Surgery

Reflux After Bariatric Surgery

Reflux after bariatric surgery

1) Do you struggle from reflux after a bariatric surgery?

Certain procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band can lead to reflux. Reflux can manifest in different ways including heartburn, food regurgitation, nocturnal cough and abdominal pain. Up to 20% of patients will develop reflux after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There are many reasons for this; the surgery itself causes some disruption to the mechanisms that prevent reflux. There can also be associated hiatus hernia or dilated gastric fundus of the sleeve gastrectomy. With bands there can be slippage of the band or oesophageal dysfunction.

2) What to do?

It is important to confirm the diagnosis. We do this by specialised tests like gastroscopy and barium swallow. Once diagnosis is confirmed then are many treatment options.

3) Treatment options

The different treatment options include medication like Nexium or Somac. There are also various surgical options some of which include hiatus hernia repair, resection of dilated gastric pouch, conversion to Roux en Y gastric bypass and removal of gastric band. Make an appointment with us and we will determine the best treatment to correct what’s causing your reflux.

Aug 10th,2018