Why Should You Join a Weight Loss Support Group?

01 August 2023

“It takes a village.” A well-known saying, which couldn’t be truer when you embark on a mission to improve your health and lose weight. 

In our experience at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery, we know the greater and more varied your support network; from medical, nutrition, exercise, mental health, friends, family, like-minded groups, the greater your likelihood of long term, sustained weight loss. 

Often the reason people do not achieve the weight loss they aspire to is because there is a lack of support, professional or personal. 

Support groups can be formal, informal, or take a variety of different formats from large-scale to close-knit, but they all have one thing in common – a good support network helps you achieve weight loss. 


The Evidence 

A 2020 study found that members of a community of people striving for personal weight loss goals, reported peer support as critical to their success.  

This was mirrored in another study, in which 88 of 96 participants agreed, social support played an important role in effective weight loss. 

The 2020 study also noted that online groups were rising in popularity and could offer extra advantage to offline counterparts, because they were more accessible, could include larger numbers and help achieve longer-term goals. 


Online Communities 

Given more than 80% of Australians are now on social media, this platform offers a great opportunity to access support groups, from around the world, to achieve their goals and connect with like-minded people. 

There are many benefits of online weight loss support groups. When it comes to success, here are some of the stand outs: 

1. Accountability & Encouragement 

When you share your goals with others, in a safe, supportive place, it means you will be motivated to achieve those goals, because you will report back to the group on your progress. A good support group will be encouraging you to reach those targets. 

2. Anonymity & Understanding 

Being overweight or obese often comes with mental health and emotional struggles, not always easy to share with others. An online group offers a degree of anonymity – you don’t have to reveal all to people in your close, day-to-day circle, and you can find people who can listen with compassion and empathy because they’re also managing similar struggles themselves. 

3. Self-Led & Flexible 

Being accessible from your own home means it’s more likely you will interact with the group – you don’t need to organise babysitters, time in your schedule, or make a special trip out of the house, you can find support in more convenient ways to suit your needs. 

 4. Available & Responsive 

Along with this accessibility, it means the group is more often available – possibly 24/7! Which means, you can access instant support, when you need it most, without having to wait for a weekly timeslot. 


Perth Weight Loss & Surgery’s Facebook Support 

For anyone considering weight loss surgery on their journey to a healthier future, we highly recommend finding your community! 

We understand surgery is a big, life-changing decision that comes with a big commitment and challenging life changes. That’s why we invite you to join our closed Facebook group. 

This is a safe, judgement free space, with like-minded people, to ask questions and get real answers from those who made the decision to turn their health around. 

Our community believes in celebrating milestones, offering virtual high-fives, and lifting each other up through the ups and downs. 

Our groups’ ethos is ‘Transforming Together’ and that’s what we do! 


For patients, for those who are considering weight loss and for those on a healthier path, join The Perth Weight Loss Private Facebook Group today. 


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