Change Your World With Our Specialised Support Program

27 August 2020
weight loss surgery support program

Whenever a patient comes into my clinic and tells me about their life struggles. After a few minutes discussing their weight loss options, they realise that they can change their lives for the better with the support from Perth Weight Loss and Surgery.

Every time a patient walks in, they know that they will have support from the beginning to the end of their treatment. They know that I am genuinely interested in their success, and in the possibility of them changing their world. Our support program helps prepare and gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they will have support from the beginning to the end of their treatment.

Specialised Individual Care and Support

Weight loss surgery isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about changing your world. From your initial weight loss surgery consultation to post-operation care, we will ensure you receive all the information and support you need to make you feel confident about the whole process. Our experts will walk you through different weight loss surgery options and ensure you fully understand the benefits and risks associated with each one of them and together we will decide which one is the best procedure for you.

Uninsured Patients: We can Help You Access Your Super

The estimated cost of weight reduction surgery in Perth is dependent on a variety of factors. On average, the total cost of bariatric surgery with Perth Weight Loss & Surgery is around $20,000 to $25,000 without private health insurance. We can help you access your superannuation as a financing option if you choose to.

Personalised Nutrition and Maintenance Plan

Our Dietitians will provide you with a personalised nutrition and maintenance plan to maximise the benefits of the procedure and to reduce the possibility of developing other health issues in the future.  Generally, you will need to stick to a clear liquid diet for the first two weeks, then you will be able to slowly introduce soft foods (weeks two to four) and finally to start having a small amount of solid food (four weeks to six weeks).  According to your individual circumstances, you may also be required to follow a pre-operation diet to get your body ready for surgery. Check out our blog post to learn more about food guidelines after bariatric surgery.

Personalised Surgical After Care From Your Surgeon

Your first follow-up appointment will take place around one week post-op and then 2 more time in the first year with your surgeon. We will continue providing you guidance on nutrition and exercise to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle without putting weight back on. Over time your new eating habits will become second nature and overeating will become a thing of the past.

One Stop Shop, Surgeon, Dietician and Anaesthetics at our Rooms

We want to make the whole process for you as easy as it can get. You will have access to our team of experts at our clinic, consulting locations and operating locations.

Reassurance of Your Surgeon’s Track Record

With over 20 years surgical experience, multinational training and having performed thousands of operations, you can rest assured you will receive the best treatment and care from our surgeon Mr Siva Gounder. You can read more about Mr Siva’s professional experience here.

Talk to The Other Patients on Our Online Community

We understand how important it is to feel supported throughout the whole journey and how much difference having a great support network can make.  You will have access to private weight loss forums and be invited to join our Facebook private group, where you can talk to other patients who experience similar issues as yours and fully understand how you feel.

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