Maintaining Weight Loss this Holiday Season

29 November 2018

Weight loss is the result of hard work, determination and grit, and the upcoming holiday season place additional pressure on us when surrounded by an abundance of not so healthy dining options.

Christmas and New Year are traditionally a time of indulgence, where we allow ourselves a little wriggle-room when it comes to our food consumption.

Whether you have lost a few kilos through a diet plan and exercise, or changed your entire lifestyle and body shape through surgery such as gastric sleeve operation or bypass, the feeling of achievement is exactly the same, and the holidays can be a tricky time for those seeking to maintain their success.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and Perth Weight Loss and Surgery have devised five fail safe tips to ensure you stay on track with your weight loss success while enjoying the holidays.

Five Tips Maintaining Your Weight Loss Success During Your Holidays

  1. Set boundaries and stick to them – The saying ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’ has never been more appropriate. If you have a plan, it is much easier to stick to it. Make sure you are aware of all the work and social engagements set to take place during the season and ensure you don’t over-indulge on a regular basis. Allow yourself a treat but decide in advance what it is to be and don’t deviate from this.
  2. Exercise – if you have enjoyed significant weight-loss, then the chances are you’re no stranger to exercise. Reset your movement mojo and get active as much as possible. If you need motivation, try a new fitness class or invite a friend to join you. Once you start, you will fall in love with fitness again.
  3. Eat more protein – It’s proven that by consuming a protein-rich diet, you will stay fuller for longer. If your body gets adequate protein from food sources, then your body will burn fat more efficiently and preserve lean muscle. Ditch the sugary snacks for protein-rich options and reap the benefits.
  4. Hydrate – it sounds simple, but it’s true. Many of us are guilty of reaching for a coffee rather than a glass of water, but your body will thank you for this simple change. Drinking enough water each day can help to banish the bloat which often makes us feel as if we have put on weight, or our clothes feel uncomfortable. Very often we reach for a snack believing we are hungry when in fact we really are just thirsty.
  5. Look to the future – the holidays only last for a couple of weeks. Ensure you are looking ahead into the new year, where you have a perfect opportunity to set some new goals and envision achieving them!


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