Q&A with Mr Siva Gounder

15 June 2021
Mr Siva Gounder and team at the Perth Weight Loss Surgery

Mr. Siva Gounder is the lead surgeon at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery. With over 20 years of surgical experience, Mr. Gounder has changed the life of many patients. In today’s article, we are tapping Mr. Gounder’s brain and getting to know the man behind the surgical mask. Fun fact number one: medical doctors that have trained as surgeons go by “Mr” rather than “Dr”, hence why we will address Mr. Gounder as such in this blog.

We have also asked Mr. Gounder to address a few frequently asked questions from those thinking of undergoing weight loss surgery.


Getting to Know Mr. Gounder:

Q: Why did you choose to specialise in general surgery and bariatric surgery?

A: I trained in General Surgery initially as all bariatric surgeons do. I was attracted to General Surgery as it is a very result-oriented specialty. If someone has a surgical problem such as appendicitis, gall bladder pain or extremes like bowel perforation a well-performed surgery fixes the problem immediately and results are almost instantaneous.

I then moved more into Bariatric Surgery after seeing the great impact it had in changing people’s lives around me. It helps people not only to treat weight-related diseases like diabetes and hypertension but also is preventative of many other weight-related diseases like certain cancers and cardiovascular disease in the long run.

Q: Tell us about your motivation for setting up the Perth Weight Loss and Surgery clinic.

A: I’ve always strived to build a good service for my patients covering all aspects of bariatric surgery. Having my own practice with help of other similar-minded team members we have achieved this to provide high standards of patient care.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

A: Seeing the successful long-term results of the operations I perform combined with the effort of my patients in changing their lifestyles to a healthier one.

Q: As a doctor, what is your advice to people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle?

A: Without your health wealth is of not much use. Always prioritise your physical and mental health. Be assured we have a great team with dietitians and psychologists that can help you achieve it.


Weight Loss Surgery Questions:

Q: How will weight loss surgery help my obesity-related health issues?

A: Weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment for people struggling with obesity and treating obesity-related diseases. This has been proven in multiple long-term medical studies.

Q: Is bariatric surgery reversible?

A: Depending on the type of surgery it can be.

Q: Can there be long-term complications with bariatric surgery?

A: There can be issues long term such as vitamin and iron deficiency and this is why we have regular follow-up and nutritional advice to prevent this.

Q: Is bariatric surgery safe?

A: It is a safe procedure with less than a 2% chance of major complications.


Chat with Mr Siva Gounder about your weight loss journey today!

Get in touch with the Perth Weight Loss clinic to discuss your weight loss options today. Our experienced team will walk you through any further questions that you may have.

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