Revisional Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Revisional Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

At Perth Weight Loss and Surgery, our aim is to help you reach your goal weight, and live a healthy, happy life that you deserve. In some cases, to achieve this, revisional bariatric surgery will be required.

Revisional bariatric surgery is often undertaken when the initial weight loss surgery does not render the weight loss outcomes that we had hoped. Other reasons for bariatric surgery may include complications in a previous surgery such as severe reflux.

Revisional bariatric surgery usually takes place a few years after the original weight loss surgery. In order to determine if a revisional bariatric is necessary, the patient will consult with their surgeon, dietitian, and a clinical psychologist.

What is Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

A revisional bariatric surgery is a procedure undertaken with patients who have previously had a weight loss surgery that needs revision. This may include taking a further step, for example moving from a reversible solution, such as Lap-Band Surgery, to a non-reversible solution like a gastric sleeve surgery. Another example may be, if a patient has had a Gastric Sleeve Surgery, and then proceeds to also get a gastric bypass or SADI-S procedure to aid their weight loss.

What is the Recovery from Revisional Bariatric Surgery Like?

The recovery from revisional bariatric surgery is fairly quick. Most of Mr.Gounder’s patients generally spend 1-2 nights in hospital after surgery.

Throughout the recovery period, you will be administered pain medication by your doctor. This should be taken strictly as directed. Often people ask what eating looks like, after a lap band removal or gastric sleeve surgery. Depending on the type of revisional bariatric surgery that the patient has, for the first few weeks a liquid diet will be recommended.

After the surgery, the patient will be given a strict diet plan to follow. It is crucial to follow these directions, to make sure that the revisional bariatric surgery is a long-term success.

Revisional Bariatric Surgery at Perth Weight Loss and Surgery

Revisional bariatric surgery needn’t be done by the original surgeon. Perth Weight Loss and Surgery would be happy to aid you in reaching your weight loss goals, even if the original surgery was performed elsewhere.

For more information on revisional bariatric surgery, see our Revisional Bariatric Surgery webpage, and please do not hesitate to contact our team. Give us a call on 08 61558822 or book a consult online.

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Mr. Siva Gounder is the director and head of Perth Weight Loss & Surgery. With more than 15 years surgical experience, Mr. Gounder is fully trained and qualified to provide bariatric surgery in Perth that helps treat obesity. This includes gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, sips surgery, duodenal switch operation and revisional surgery.

Nov 30th,2020