Negative Effects of a High-Calorie Diet

At Perth Weight Loss and Surgery we believe that healthy eating is not only good for your waistline but also for your mental health, and overall vitality. Why then are so many Australians risking their health and waistlines by eating a high-calorie diet and doing little to no exercise?   Why a high-calorie diet is dangerous […]

Jul 25th,2019
Differences Between Gastric Bypass Gastric-Banding and Gastric Sleeve

When researching which bariatric surgical treatment is the most beneficial, it’s essential to fully understand the range of options on offer including gastric banding. Three of the most common bariatric surgeries are gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve. Here is a summary of what each one entails. What Is Gastric Banding? Gastric banding surgery, […]

Jun 27th,2019
5 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has become widely accepted as one of the best treatments for weight-loss and type 2 diabetes. However, from time to time, some misconceptions spread faster and more extensively than the truth; which can cause people suffering from obesity to have second thoughts and, unfortunately, avoid these types of treatments altogether. In today’ society […]

Jun 20th,2019
Weight Loss Surgery Information Evening

Losing weight can be extremely difficult. If you have a BMI over 30 and have struggled to lose weight, tried countless diets and exercise programs and still haven’t experienced any success it could be time to consider alternative options. Weight loss can be hard and making the decision to undergo weight loss surgery is a […]

May 17th,2019
Reasons You Might Be Struggling to Lose Weight

Changing your lifestyle to incorporate healthier habits is not an easy thing to do. It can be very frustrating if you feel you are doing your best, yet the scales just aren’t reflecting your continued efforts. Try as you might, the weight is not budging and it is when you are at your most frustrated […]

Apr 19th,2019
Weight Loss Advice: Things to Do Before Considering Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a big decision and for many can be both life changing, life enhancing and life saving with the ability to rewrite a person’s future. Weight loss surgery is an extremely effective and useful tool for patients who, for various reasons, have been unable to shed significant excess weight. Despite the benefits, […]

Colonoscopy Preparation for Bariatric Surgery Patients

For patients who have had weight loss surgery, such as gastric sleeve or gastric band procedures, there can be concerns about how they might undergo a colonoscopy in the future if required for healthcare checks or diagnostic reasons. A colonoscopy can detect bowel disorders such as colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Colonoscopy […]

Apr 17th,2019
Upcoming Changes to Private Health Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

At the start of April, 2019, the Australian Government is introducing changes to private health insurance. These changes have been created by the government to give greater clarity around health insurance and the services covered. The purpose is to make it easier to compare hospital products so individuals can find the cover which best suits […]

Mar 15th,2019
Why Positive Thinking Can Help Your Weight Loss Journey

Your weight loss journey is individual to you and it’s important that you make this exciting lifestyle change at a pace which prepares you for long term success. Whether you have recently undergone weight loss surgery or are about to, the power of positive thinking can be more beneficial than you think. Like for any […]

Mar 14th,2019
Important Questions to Ask Before Weight Loss Surgery

So, you have made the decision to explore weight loss surgery? Good for you!  This is an exciting time that is no doubt filled with questions and uncertainties you may have to ensure you make an informed decision.    Do your research and find out as much as you can about the options that best […]

Mar 14th,2019